Askia Underwood

Askia Underwood,  is the first-ever U.S. Business Director of award-winning, globe spanning Miroma Project Factory (MPF). Askia brings more than 16 years of experience in strategic omnichannel campaign planning, development, and execution to MPF. Her expertise in digital strategy and content monetization lends to campaigns designed to motivate consumers to act online. Together with Expert Digital Strategist and Certified Metaverse Expert, Askia Thurrayya Underwood, U.S. Business Director of award-winning digital product development studio Miroma Project Factory. Askia’s career focus is innovating at the intersection of culture and digital, the development of immersive, experiential content, products and connected experiences, accelerating adoption of tech and consumer trends through digital.

Her past work includes migrating more than twenty-five million dollars from traditional advertising mediums to higher-performing digital, social, and search platforms working with clients in the consumer, automotive, retail, sports, pet product, beauty, and non-profit categories. Priding herself on actively driving consumer behavior, Askia is often tapped to curate experiential brand moments which motivate consumers to act (watch, share, buy or donate) online.