Ed Haravon is an Entrepreneur and business leader with a proven history of developing the talents of people alongside emerging trends in technology to solve business problems. He co-founded Get Real XR with Rob Merrilees in 2020 to help businesses and organizations leverage the Metaverse to dramatically change the way they work.

Ed’s background is in proprietary trading where he spent over 20 years as an options trader, portfolio manager, partner and executive. As trading in capital markets became driven by advances in technology, the ability to leverage these new toolsets became crucial to industry success. Over the years he gained valuable experience in areas such as high-performance computing, algorithmic and AI – driven strategy development, managing large sets of data, and combining qualitative and quantitative research to inform decision making.

Ed then took these foundational skills into the emerging cryptocurrency markets. Bitcoin and other digital tokens burst onto the scene absent the required infrastructure to support its ascent into an investable asset class. As the industry struggled to catch up he had the opportunity to manage solutions pertaining to clearing, custody, product innovation, and execution software as they related to the needs of the retail investors

The “future of work” has never been more on the minds of innovators and entrepreneurs than it is in the current moment. and Ed is excited about applying these cumulative experiences towards helping businesses imagine the possibilities that lie ahead.