Twitter: @jiminy_crypto

-NFTR COO (@nft_registry,
-NFT2040 Cofounder (@NFT2040)
-Real3 Cofounder

Tokenomics, web3 advisement, technical documentation, lore, community, project advocacy

Jiminy has a professional background in mathematics education. He is known through many web3 and NFT communities as a contributor to multiple web3 startups and NFT collections. Jiminy is COO of NFTR, has co-founded a web3 game in development (NFT2040), and is leading the tokenomics design of a web3 Real Estate startup (Real3). Jiminy also advises another web3 game in development (not yet public). Other experiences include designing an on-chain construction-efficiency solution (Rover Solutions) serving as Community Manager for NFT collections HDPunks and Immaverse.