Mark Murrell founded Black Point Seafood, Get Maine Lobster’s corporate brand, in 2009, and acquired competitor company Maine Lobster Direct in 2019, whose business was 75% wholesale and 25% retail. This complemented Mark’s existing online DTC business and allowed him to manage more fulfillment in house. This was perfect timing as Get Maine Lobster experienced an incredible 600% growth in 2020, and continues to expand.

In May 2022, Mark and his team made waves in the Metaverse with the introduction of Haddie’s Bay Club, a collection of 7,777 NFTs and a special community inspired by Haddie, the 1-in-100-million Cotton Candy Lobster he helped discover off the coast of Maine in late 2021, that went viral with over 4 billion impressions worldwide.

Having lived in Maine most of his life, Mark is no stranger to the ins and outs of the lobster industry and has earned a reputation for excellent customer service and quality product. In addition to running Get Maine Lobster, Mark regularly consults fellow small businesses around digital marketing and e-commerce initiatives. Mark has appeared in The Economist, Forbes, TODAY Show, CNN and more.