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Meet Albert Thompson

As a culture-first advertising veteran, Albert Thompson’s hyper-vigilant nature is revered in the advertising industry. While carrying the ethos of Strategic Innovation Consultant to many enterprises, Albert brings a firm understanding of technological trajectory, and is often credited for his work disrupting the discipline of Marketing while transforming today’s conventional consumer engagement models.

Albert’s thought leadership lends strategic insights on how Brand Strategy, Consumer Expectation, and Purchase Behavior continue to evolve as technology advances towards Web3. His public speaking engagements include events for MediaPost, Digiday, ThinkLA, AdAge, 4A’s, CYNOPSIS, Admonsters, ADWEEK, VAB and the ANA. He was named one of ADWEEK’s 2022 Media All Stars.

His client work includes strategic digital marketing for Lexus, AMAZON, NYPD, YouTube, Medline, State Fair, Spalding, HBO, MCD, LA Sparks, Game Show Network, Verizon Wireless, Unilever, Ford Division, Lincoln Mercury, Burger King, Colgate, HSBC, Time Warner Cable, Home Depot, AstraZeneca, US Marines, Pfizer, Novartis, Merck, and Hyatt Resorts.

And while his career credits span over two decades, Albert is clear, marrying his college sweetheart and being the father of twin girls are his greatest life accomplishments. Albert holds an MBA from Florida A&M University.