Call for speakers has ended.

We are no longer accepting new speaker proposals.

Dedicated Conference Tracks

We’ll look at the blossoming “eduverse” ecosystem to provide a thorough understanding of the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Sample topics include:

  • Making the Leap to the “eduverse”
  • The Pros and Cons of education in the metaverse
  • Combatting content piracy
  • New strategies for student engagement
  • Educational formats
  • Leveraging AI to deliver a personalized experience
  • How the metaverse is revolutionizing education
  • Data ownership, security and personal safety in the metaverse
  • The future of system interoperability

Commerce is evolving and the recent advancements in the acceptance of crypto currency and digital wallets is changing the way we conduct business.

Sample topics include:

  • What does eCommerce look like in the metaverse?
  • Why Metaverse is Important for E-Commerce
  • How to create an immersive shopping experience
  • The transition from payment processors to blockchain technology
  • Global reach simplified
  • Merging online and offline commerce
  • Creating a customer journey in the metaverse
  • How the Metaverse is transforming the eCommerce landscape
  • The evolution of digital retail
  • Understanding the Metaverse economy
  • Supply chain and the Metaverse

This is the place to better understand the immediate opportunities and navigate the plethora of solutions that will help take your sales and marketing to the next level.

Sample topics include:

  • The opportunity of brand immersion
  • The future of marketing in the Metaverse
  • Social networks and Web 3.0
  • Web 3.0 Marketing in a nutshell
  • Brand activation in the metaverse
  • The impact of web 3.0 on marketers
  • The evolution of the internet from Web 1.0 to Web 3.0
  • The Role of Blockchain on Web 3.0 Marketing
  • Content Creation and NFTs
  • Creating personalized “omniverse” customer experience
  • How to build a virtual community

Session Types

There are two kinds of speaking sessions available:

How-To Presentations

Technical experts who are willing to share their practical tips, tools, or strategies for deploying metaverse solutions, please consider volunteering to speak. We need presenters who can show people how to do things step by step as a stand-alone presenter in a 30–60-minute session. We are NOT looking for product pitches or product demos.

Round-Table Panels

These sessions consist of four speakers and a moderator discussing topics pertaining to business models, monetization strategies and industry trends in a 45–60-minute session where no presentations are required.

Benefits Of Speaking

All speakers receive a complimentary registration to the conference, plus great exposure in the industry.