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Meet Dan Ferguson

Dan is a Partner at Groove Jones, an award-winning studio specializing in using emerging technologies (AR,  VR, AI, WebGL) for world-class brands to connect with their audience. An entrepreneur by nature, Dan has founded three renowned digital agencies that were successfully acquired throughout his career. Brandweek Magazine named Dan “Marketer of the Next Generation” for his work with brand engagement. His work has appeared in multiple Apple commercials, he created the Internet phenomenon Elf Bowling and the mobile game Chicktionary, which TIME Magazine recognized as a Top 10 Educational App of the Year.

Real Insights, Real Case Studies, Real brands, Using Emerging Technologies

December 6, 2023 at 3:00 PM EST (Check your time zone)

With all the buzz and attention about Emerging Technologies (AR, VR, AI), where does it fit in today’s business world? Dan Ferguson has worked with world-class brands like AT&T, American Airlines, Corona, General Mills, McDonald’s, and Toyota on their digital strategies. While many people share second-hand knowledge or anecdotal info about these technologies, very few are delivering. Dan will bring REAL insights and case studies on how brands leverage emerging tech to connect with today’s digital-first audience.