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Meet David Polinchock

For 20+ years, David has explored emerging technologies that can help brands tell better stories. He is the President of the Unified Brand Experience Lab, a new retail lab, designed to give companies in the retail, VR/AR and OOH industries a place to work, showcase and demo the technologies they’re creating. He was an early pioneer in the use of virtual reality for advertising and marketing, having started experiential advertising using VR in 1991. Since then, he has run his own lab, was the Director of the 1st AT&T AdWorks Lab and worked at the PwC Experience Center. He has worked on a variety of emerging technology launches, including the award-winning AudienceGames cinema AR program.

In those many years, David has covered a lot of ground, but one thing has remained consistent: He’s looked for innovative ways to create compelling, authentic and relevant brand experiences.

He’s been very fortunate to have the chance to travel with his daughter Sydney, who helps him remember that the most important experiences are the ones you share with people you love.