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Meet Michael Falato

With my experience of establishing meetings with high-profile clients such as the NFL, UFC, AT&T, and Invesco for many startups, I understand the challenges of generating qualified leads. That’s why I started my own lead generation automation company.Our services include access to over 950 million contacts and the ability to develop persona-based drip marketing campaigns using Emails & LinkedIn automation. We can help you create shorter cycles, tighten messaging, and provide valuable metrics, insights, and consultation.We have the capacity to safely send over 20,000 emails per month and over 250 LinkedIn Inmails/Invites per day for lead generation. In addition, we offer Roundtable Events and a Free HubSpot account to help you drive even more revenue.I’d love to discuss a strategy that can bring in your top 25 accounts within the first 90 days. Let’s set up a virtual cup of coffee over Zoom.