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Meet Pearl Pospiech

Pearl Pospiech is a virtual experience engineer and designer with 10 years in digital marketing, event production, graphic design, front-end web development, and mixed reality world building in 3D & VR. She has been a consultant and event manager for OneCause nonprofit fundraising events since 2018, and since the beginning of the pandemic, has been pioneering new solutions for her clients making their pivot to virtual. Pearl has become an expert voice in proximity audio and alternatives to webinar software that improve user experience and engagement.

She is active in a variety of creative communities from local costuming and performance art, to international immersive artist collectives. Pearl’s whimsical creativity combined with her technical chops make her a unique entity in the space. Active experimentation and research continues to feed her cutting-edge knowledge base about how people use, act, have fun and achieve a multitude of purposes in our evolving virtual medium.