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Meet Pesach Lattin

Pesach Lattin, the marketing maestro behind the scenes at, is not your average Editor-in-Chief. With a track record that boasts more awards than a Hollywood starlet’s trophy shelf, Pesach brings a level of entrepreneurial swagger to the world of advertising that makes Don Draper look like an intern. Armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of the AdTech universe and a passport filled with stamps from every corner of the globe, Pesach specializes in conjuring marketing magic that turns brands into household names faster than you can say “digital signal processing.” A virtuoso of innovation and a pied piper of high-performing teams, Pesach wields charisma and humor like a secret weapon. He’s not just a thought leader; he’s the kind of trusted advisor who can turn marketing strategies into gold and make industry giants out of underdogs. An advertising pioneer, a trendsetter, and a tireless advocate for staying ahead of the curve, Pesach is the guy you want at the helm when you’re navigating the ever-evolving seas of marketing and advertising.