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Meet Sean Guerre

Sean is currently the Executive Director of InnovateEnergy, connecting communities for emerging technology with news, reports and events focused on drones/robotics/automation, XR/3DI, Reality Capture, Spatial Computing and AI. He obtained his BBA in Marketing from Stephen F. Austin State University, and has 20+ years of experience transforming energy businesses with technology and driving digital media innovation. Sean is an experienced Founder/Advisor with a demonstrated history of working with digital communities, such as InnovateEnergy, focused on media and events in Technology, & Energy markets. He is a strong entrepreneurship professional skilled in Building Innovative Communities, Launching New Companies, Advising Entrepreneurs/Startups and Research/Analysis for energy emerging technology trends. InnovateEnergy communities include: 

● Energy Drone & Robotics Coalition 

● Industrial Immersive 

○ Industrial XR Forum 

○ Industrial Digital Twin Forum 

○ Energy EdgeTech Forum 

○ Industrial Reality Capture Forum 

● EnergAIze 

● EnergyNext