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Meet Tim Cortinovis

Since 2011 Tim is a renowned inspirational Metaverse and AI expert and a global keynote speaker. Tim helps companies to grow using AI and scalable customer acquisition. Every keynote is tailor-made to the client’s event.

How do I use AI in my business model? How do I automate processes in sales, marketing and services and take the customers’ experience to a new level? And how do I get my teams excited about all of this?

Tim Cortinovis offers answers, challenges, inspires. He brings cutting-edge technologies and businesses together to show what makes sense in your business.

Tim’s talks are entertaining and you can tell that he has already captivated the audiences as a television host and novelist.

His keynotes are energizing, full of excitement, colorful stories and topical examples. Highly interactive, sometimes challenging, and grounded like a good BBC documentary. According to feedback from participants, Tim’s talks are regularly given the highest rating. Among his happy clients are companies as ING, Avaya, Siemens, Corel and Arvato.