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Meet Catherine Oaks

Founder of SliiceXR, Catherine Oaks is a highly experienced marketing and branding professional with a distinguished career spanning over 30 years across various regions including Europe, Asia-Pacific, United Arab Emirates, Northern Africa, and the USA.

SliiceXR specializes in web3 marketing solutions using VR, AR, and XR technology, allowing for seamless integration of 2D or 3D creative assets into metaverse platforms with flexible operability.

Catherine is well known for her innovative thought leadership campaigns that boost brand recognition and awareness for B2B and B2C companies. She is fluent in English, French, German, and Spanish, which combined with her extensive global sales and marketing background, helps businesses expand their marketing reach and gain international exposure.

Her strategic thinking, creative genius, and tactical clarity enable her to uncover a business’s core values and turn brands into magnets, generating viral impact on any platform. By bringing something extraordinary to the world that did not exist before, Catherine’s visionary approach enables her clients to establish a purposeful life and achieve their goals.