October 25, 2022 - Hosted in the Metaverse

The Ultimate Metaverse Business Conference

The time is now to begin expanding your presence to the metaverse. Learn how to get there first when you join industry peers to learn, share, and discover new and exciting ways businesses are embracing these powerful web 3.0 technologies.

We are excited to welcome businesses to our one day metaverse event, hosted in the metaverse. We will provide a gateway to multiple metaverse platforms and technologies and offer practical advice, inspiring thought leadership and in-depth training. You’ll hear the innovative approaches the world’s leading organizations are deploying and much more. Whether you are an executive or manager interested in new business strategies and trends or an engineering professional looking for tools and solutions, you’ll find all of your bases are covered at The Metaverse Business Conference and Expo.

Experts explain how the metaverse is impacting business

Learn |  Experience |  Connect

metaverse conference

3 tracks designed to expand your knowledge with insights, best practices and the latest trends.

metaverse conference

Connect with others looking to do business in the metaverse.

metaverse conference

Engage with leading vendors providing innovative metaverse business solutions.

Why You Should Attend The First B2B Metaverse Business Conference

Experience the

Not sure what the metaverse can do for your business? Whether you are experienced in the metaverse or just starting to explore, this metaverse event will allow you to immerse yourself in this environment and engage with others as you would in real life.

Fast Track toand Intel

From engaging customers/prospects, suppliers, and other partners to training employees
or students, get a better understanding of how the metaverse can transform the way you do business.

Get a Jump on yourPlanning

Stay ahead of the curve by discovering practical solutions for how to implement the metaverse into your business or industry.

Who Should Attend

The First B2B Metaverse Business Conference?

Newbies. Explorers. Practitioners. Innovators, tech enthusiasts (press, thought leaders, investors) senior marketers, entrepreneurs, digital executives, IT professionals, business leaders, business developers, engineers, agency executives and their teams and anyone else who wants to explore how to leverage the metaverse to improve business operations and gain a competitive advantage.


Job Functions

Mid-level to Senior Level
  • 40+ Speakers

    A diverse group of industry experts that are ready to share their knowledge to further your growth.

  • 1000 Minutes of Content

    From panels, to how-to’s, interviews and recognition, all content will be captured for on-demand viewing.

  • Endless Opportunities

    Easily connect with panelists, speakers, attendees, sponsors and exhibitors in a live immersive environment.

  • Industries Attending

    Automotive, travel and hospitality, retail and commerce, manufacturing, entertainment, media, telecom, healthcare, public sector, education and construction.

  • Guided Tours & Experiences

    Gain access to multiple metaverse platforms and experiences. From Web3D to VR and AR, there is something for everyone.

Become a Speaker Today

Bring your expertise and experience to our attendees as a speaker at
The Metaverse Spectrum Business Conference.

Participate in educational panels, presentations and workshops while experiencing all of the leading metaverse business platforms and services in one place.

No VR glasses/headset required. Simply connect using your browser and communicate using your webcam and microphone.

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Your gateway to top metaverse platforms and multiple learning experiences.

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