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Meet Miguel Marin

Founder & Lead of Metaverse Community in Mexico. Advisor and Strategist on technologies related to the construction of the Metaverse such as Web3.0, Extended Realities, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things among others. MIT Technology Review and Harvard Business Review Contributor.

Developing More Robust Urban Metaverse Environments

December 6, 2023 at 9:00 AM EST (Check your timezone)

Moderator: Sara Wray

Panelists: Teppo RantanenMiguel MarinGreg Lindsey

Many diverse opportunities exist for city governments and “smart city development” applications in the metaverse, and a growing number of city governments are increasingly turning to the metaverse to more efficiently deliver certain services, disseminate information about their operations and services, and create new opportunities for citizen participation in government. This session will provide a blueprint for diverse city government and smart city applications in the metaverse, and assess the potential growth of those applications.

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